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Coming up for light (by DMac 5D Mark II)

and when you come back in from nowhere by manyfires on Flickr.
Photograph Of The DayVia Flickr:Do you ever think of me? Your heart is not able Let me show you how much I care I need those eyes to tide me over I’ll take your picture when I go It gives me strength and gives me patience But I’ll never let you know I was listening to this song, which is “My List” by The Killers, on the way home tonight. Not one of the better known songs by that particular group, but one that is beautiful and dramatic in the way it builds and then fades.  I “re-found” this image sometime last year. It was dark and uncertain, buried in a plethora of others, but there was just something about it that intrigued me. A scan, clean-up in Photoshop, and I’m now rather infatuated with it.  Taken with my Pinhole, somewhere in the California Redwoods.

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